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Band Positioning

Guangdong Hanyan Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology type of enterprise taking constant challenge for the growth, quality for life, innovation and research for core, and establishing industry standards for the pursuit. At present, it has three well-known activated carbon brands: "Hanyan", "Wanjing", "CobeCobe".


Hanyan - high-end quality only

Hanyan takes R&D as the core, focusing on innovation, R&D and manufacturing and having produced a series of targeted high-tech activated carbon with high adsorption through biological, chemical and physical modified processes. The professional R&D team of Hanyan can tailor the most efficient products according to customer needs. Hanyan peers with international brands (Kuraray, Jacobi, Calgon) by virtue of the pursuit to scientific research and innovation and the responsibility to the community. Hanyan has created high-end activated carbon brand that makes Chinese people feel proud most.


Wanjing - only for the cost performance

Wanjing takes the cost performance as the core, to provide the most suitable and the best cost-effective activated carbon for the enterprises, including activated carbon for efficient removal of residual chlorine in industrial pure water, activated carbon for the efficient degradation of COD in sewage treatment, and activated carbon for the efficient absorption of VOC in industrial waste gas.


CobeCobe – endless clean, creating a powder-free era

CobeCobe takes the real "powder-free" as the core, to solve a series of problems thoroughly, such as "black water, plugging, and powder" through independently developed activation process, pickling and washing process, packaging technology, transportation processes and so on. It provides really assured clean carbon for the drinking water filtration and air purification. CobeCobe is the cleanest and completely powder-free activated carbon in the world.