Activated carbon into the water blisters from the water purification activated carbon bubbles occasionally have good health benefits!

Date:Apr 7,2017
Activated carbon into the water from blisters? Is not the more blisters is the better quality of the activated carbon into the water will take a small bubble?. Coconut shell activated carbon with blisters after Peng up? Do not understand the problems the fuse is activated carbon, which is used for water purifier, activated carbon filter is in use, the user may occasionally find such as water bubbles or carbon powder, please do not panic, in fact, these are a normal phenomenon with no harm to health.
In general, the activated carbon as the filter media of the water purifier in the new machine to open the debugging or replacement of the filter material after a period of time, there will be bubbles in the water, especially the use of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon as the filter water purifier. Coconut shell activated carbon is a kind of very good adsorbent. When the new filter material immersed in water, a large amount of air in its developed pore size will gradually be replaced by water molecules, so there will be a large number of bubbles, which is a normal phenomenon, static 10-15 seconds will disappear. The activated carbon is used as the filter material, and the effluent water of the water purifier has the overflow of the activated carbon powder, in particular to an automatic backwashing device. The water purifier has the automatic back flushing device, which can carry out the backwash of the filter material on the machine regularly, which can keep the best water purifying efficiency and prolong the life of the filter. This machine filled overflow phenomenon during backwashing, because in each of the flushing, there will be a small amount of friction between activated carbon in the process of flushing, shedding of particles or powder under the small, most of them with backwashing discharged together with sewage, but occasionally there is a small amount of overflow the powder through the filter layer. The use of household equipment of the active carbon finepowder will not affect the water water pipeline, it will not affect the washing and health, safe and harmless, can be assured use.
Coconut shell activated carbon and coal carbon bubble smaller than it?
Because coconut shell activated carbon is much higher than the cost of activated carbon, activated carbon materials are generally not easy to be recognized by the general public. So the market is often unscrupulous sellers use consumers can not identify the weaknesses of the material, the use of activated carbon activated carbon coconut shell activated carbon sales, whether civil or industrial use, this phenomenon is more serious.
Today, the Korean Institute of activated carbon manufacturers to share with you a few good ways to distinguish between coconut shell and coal activated carbon, if not, please add:
1, coconut shell activated carbon is a nut shell activated carbon category, its main feature is the density is small, light, take in the hands of the weight is significantly lighter than the coal activated carbon. The same weight of activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon is generally greater than the quality of activated carbon.
2, coconut shell activated carbon shape is generally broken granular, flaky, and the formation of activated carbon, such as columnar, spherical activated carbon, mostly for coal.
3, coconut shell activated carbon density, feel light, so it can be activated carbon in water, coal carbon sink quickly, coconut shell activated carbon floating in the water longer, with saturated activated carbon adsorbed water molecules, increase its weight will gradually all sink to the bottom, when the activated charcoal all sink after will see every single activated carbon outside wrapped in a small bubble, crystal Ti through, very interesting.
4, coconut shell activated carbon pore structure of small molecules, activated carbon into the water, the air discharged by adsorption of water molecules will produce a lot of very small blisters (the naked eye can see just), crowded kept floating to the surface of the water. The coal activated carbon is generally large pore structure, resulting in a larger bubble phase.

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