Water purification activated carbon authenticity distinguish! Han Ye activated carbon factory tutor how to identify the pros and cons of it

Date:Apr 7,2017
The first function of water purification activated carbon is the adsorption ability, determine its adsorption capacity depends on the size of the aperture and development level of different pore size distribution, typically less than 2nm diameter r as 2--50nm as microporous, mesoporous, more than 50nm for large holes, holes of different sizes to play in the process of adsorption effect of different macroporous is small in surface area in proportion, the activated carbon adsorption process often become the adsorbate molecular channel, mesoporous adsorbent is in a certain channel, under the pressure of capillary condensation, plays an important role on the adsorption of macromolecules, and adsorption the role of the largest micropore adsorption capacity of activated carbon, and plays a dominant role in a large extent determines the size of the adsorption capacity of activated carbon.
So in the actual test we should choose what kind of method? Detection of activated carbon adsorption capacity usually has two indicators, one is the iodine adsorption value, a methylene blue adsorption value, iodine adsorption value reflects the developed degree of micropores, methylene blue adsorption value size corresponds to the developed degree of the holes in a water treatment an important indicator is the heavy metal adsorption of heavy metals is mainly depend on the pore, so often in the selection of activated carbon for water purification is based on the iodine adsorption value of size to distinguish its adsorption capacity (removal rate of some enterprises use COD to select the activated carbon, this method is very useful, but this index is affected by the water the quality of the larger, can not use the unified standard is expounded, so here we do not exchange).
Generally speaking, the end of the water treatment should be selected iodine adsorption value between 1000--1200 is the best. There are many manufacturers in particular are relatively small in size, detection equipment manufacturers, when the adsorption capacity of activated carbon to distinguish bubbles in the water more or less to decide, in fact this method is intuitionistic but not very scientific, bubble influence more or less a lot of factors, such as water level etc. the adsorption capacity, carbon reactivity cannot completely true, or by means of professional advice to detect activated carbon.
Water purification activated carbon also is a very important indicator of the strength, the quality indicators will be related to the customer will not be a black powder in the use process, but also related to the water purifier using the filling activated carbon life, recommended to choose the strength is greater than the activated carbon of more than 98, less than 95 do not choose to use.
About the pH value of the choice, if activated carbon or activated carbon filter is a post, suggestion choice PH refers to between 7--8.5, the range of the pH of the water out of good sense, is beneficial to human health.

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