Widely used coal activated carbon

Date:Apr 7,2017
With the development of economy and society, the demand for environmental protection industry is getting higher and higher. Sewage treatment plant in order to improve the production of power and quality, mechanization, automation, continuous improvement. The safe and normal operation of the equipment is very important to the sewage treatment plant. In recent years, some countries as two main processing technology in the research and selection of chemical or physical and chemical treatment method, these measures will be expected with chemical species continue to add, improving the processing equipment and technology and implementation.
Activated carbon is used in industrial water, water, waste water treatment process, the necessary adsorbent, through the use of coal activated carbon, water can reach a certain quality requirements. Its main role is to control the scale and sludge adsorption constitute useful odor, pigment, harmful substances, cut, cut foam and suspended solids, water corrosion touch water absorption and toxic substances, deodorant decolorization, softening water etc.. Now because of the sharp increase in water consumption in countries around the world, together with a variety of environmental regulations (water purification law) have been developed, and increasingly stringent requirements, so the need for efficient filtering of various types of information to add quickly. In Chinese, opposition and the crisis of water resources is increasingly serious, the production of activated carbon is not a standardized, quality is not guaranteed, so Chinese filter data of coal activated carbon of the environmental information industry development extremely urgent. Along with the recovery of the economy to move forward, with large coal - steel, cement and chemical showed a weak increase in the total cost of coal is more than 50% of the total electricity generation continues to rise, will effectively stimulate the coal needs. On the other hand, is the implementation of resource integration, will constitute a certain control of coal supply, especially more coal resources in large coal enterprises will grasp the hands of occupation concentration increased significantly, can be useful to avoid disorderly competition and the blind expansion of production price. Thus, in 2010 the price of steam coal will adhere to the steady rise of the potential, the estimated market price of steam coal will increase by more than 15%. 2009 coking coal prices adhere to a relatively stable, the reason is that the concentration of coking coal resources integration progress, bargaining can rise. 2017 estimated in the real estate career further pull, iron and steel industry will show a recovery, and then pull the coking coal needs to rise. Despite the integration of resources in Shanxi coking coal production is estimated to have increased, but from the supply situation of all, it is estimated that in 2017 coking coal market will be tight supply format. Together, the international economic recovery will also stimulate domestic exports to add. Coking coal prices in 2017 is estimated to have a significant increase, the rise is likely to exceed the power coal quotes, which will become an important factor in stimulating the growth of related business performance.
Coal activated carbon surface has a rich appearance of functional groups, which can be used as a catalyst to catalyze a variety of reactions. Activated carbon pore structure of coal, is a heat, acid, alkali resistant solid, is also an excellent catalyst carrier. In addition, other material of coal based activated carbon and its load can be a complex catalyst, Co catalyst, both as a whole has stronger catalytic effect, with the incomparable advantages of other porous materials. The catalytic reaction of coal based activated carbon as catalyst or catalyst carrier is very extensive, including halogenation, halogenation, oxidation, recovery, dehydrogenation, cracking, isomerization, polymerization and so on. Coal column activated carbon can be useful to the adsorption of toxic and harmful gases into low molecular gases, carbon dioxide and water and then achieve the purpose of purifying the air. Selection of excellent coal activated carbon materials, the choice of the leading technology refined processing, the appearance of cylindrical black particles; pore structure with a reasonable, good adsorption function, high mechanical strength, easy regeneration, low cost level characteristics; for toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment, industrial water purification treatment and day back, solvent etc..
The two layer characteristics using activated carbon physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, especially through the aperture conditioning technology, which has the pore structure matched with the size of the indoor harmful gas molecules, thoroughly absorb harmful gases and not conceal or dilute the smell, thoroughly remove indoor pollution. Can adsorb indoor harmful gas molecules, together with conditioning catalytic function, can effectively adsorb harmful ingredients and various air of air gas and odor of benzene, halogenated alkane aldehyde, ketone, acid and other organic compounds in planktonic bacteria, pathogenic bacteria killing fungus, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus pus, bacteria, convey restrain epidemic pathogen, with detoxification, smoke flavor, deodorization, moisture, mildew, sterilization, purification and other comprehensive function.
Coal activated carbon to avoid solvent in the process of applying transpiration flying, to recover or harmless treatment, from energy saving, and decrease manufacturing cost, improve working conditions, protect the earth's environment in terms of work is essential, in practice, the solvent is recovered it is harmless treatment rules according to the value and recover the solvent recover the cost between the comparison and analysis to the resolution, coal activated carbon for solvent vapor recovery, especially should pay attention to its adsorption function and desorption function and the desorption balance between the best according to the port agent molecules as "coal activated carbon pore size distribution Lin for reasonable planning and adjustment, make it useful operation capacity the solvent (the difference between yak and full adsorption desorption amount) the maximum; when coal activated carbon is used only for solvent concentration. After the poor agent harmless treatment (multiple selection Incineration or catalytic incineration

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