Activated carbon water purifier is how to improve the effectiveness of water purification

Date:Apr 7,2017
Activated carbon water purifier is how to improve the effectiveness of water purification
On how to improve the effectiveness of activated carbon water purifier before the first to understand the role of activated carbon in the water purifier?
1, activated carbon water purification
Remove the water smell and taste, color, chlorine, colloid, organic carbon (synthetic detergent, pesticides, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic dyes, three trihalomethanes and haloacetic acid, such as endocrine disruptors phthalic acid ester two PAES) and heavy metals (such as mercury, silver, cadmium, chromium, lead, nickel and so on.), radioactive material, water purifier, water purification material is used in the earliest and most widely used. Not only the general activated carbon water purifier in domestic reverse osmosis water purifying machine, and the majority of ultrafiltration, ceramics, KDF, UV water purifier, will use the activated carbon.
Activated carbon and KDF can remove the residual chlorine in the water, but the KDF and CL reaction of zinc ion (Zn2+), may lead to zinc in water with activated carbon and exceed the standard, in addition to chlorine does not have this kind of worry. Fine microporous activated carbon to form a large variety of shapes in the process of activation, a huge has adsorption effect the surface area, the surface area is 500~1200m2/g, the larger specific surface area, the adsorption effect is better.
2, the negative impact of activated carbon
(1) activated carbon adsorption of a large number of organic matter, these organic compounds will become bacteria and other microbial nutrition, bacteria in the activated carbon in the pores of a large number of proliferation and proliferation, and may lead to the total number of colonies exceeded the water
(2) water purifier of activated carbon in microorganisms under the catalysis of the ammonia into nitrite nitrogen, nitrite occurs in the effluent water purifier is many times higher than water. Nitrite itself is not carcinogenic, but it generates nitrosamines and water amine reaction is a strong carcinogen.
(3) in water with bromine resin filtration activated carbon adsorption (BROMOPOLYSTYRENE hydantoin) or UV filter sterilization is a good method to resolve the microorganisms in the water. The water exceed the standard IKEA Shenzhen Electric Technology Co. Ltd. with a short bromine resin in the activated carbon filter part of household reverse osmosis pure water machine, water is sterile, export the European countries are very popular.
3, activated carbon adsorption mechanism
(1): van der Waals. Physical adsorption of activated carbon by physical adsorption can remove organic matter and colloid.
(2) chemical adsorption: chemical reaction and catalysis, activated carbon can remove the residual chlorine, chloramine and so on
How to improve the purification effect of activated carbon water purifier two
The national standard (1), (2) and forestry industry standard (4) iodine adsorption and methylene blue adsorption value, mainly reflected in the number of microporous activated carbon; electric power industry standard (3) measurement of activated carbon in natural water with four representative organic compounds (humic acid, fulvic acid, wood lignin, tannin) adsorption capacity and adsorption rate, mainly reflect the number of transition pores in activated carbon. Activated carbon water purifier water purifier production plant selection, recommended by (3) to choose the method of activated carbon is better.
In addition, water (l10%, the smaller the better), strength (g95%, the bigger the better), particle size (g95%, household water purifiers with granular activated carbon suggested that the particle size of 16~32 is P1.3~0.6mm) must be assessed indicators
1, water purifier manufacturers should purchase good quality activated carbon, and spot checks and inspection of each batch of activated carbon, in order to prevent the purchase of inferior products
Now on the market a lot of activated carbon are mixed with Regrind, some even back in all materials. Production of activated carbon activated carbon factory purchase user has used and discarded, and then melted down to handle it, and some even put the open yard in the sun after the new charge sold or incorporated into the new activated carbon, to reduce cost and price. Shanghai CDC had detected the activated carbon filter CODMn removal rate is zero weirdness. In addition, there should be washed with water, but the cost is high, a lot of activated carbon factory with no equipment, rivers and wells even ditch in the water to wash the charcoal, activated carbon that is pollution. So don't buy too cheap to use activated carbon. Activated carbon water purifier to reach the rated total net amount of water, the COD removal rate of CODMn and total dissolved organic carbon removal efficiency of DOC g25%, the former in the urban construction industry standard Quasi CJ3023 and the Ministry of health, the health and safety of drinking water quality and functional assessment of the processor mm general water quality processor (2001) are provided, the latter in the CJ3023 regulations
2, activated carbon plays a role in water purification, regardless of physical adsorption or chemical adsorption, requires a certain period of time. Therefore, the design of activated carbon or activated carbon filter to filter water purifier production factory, as far as possible to increase the contact time of water and activated carbon, carbon contact time = column length in carbon / water column the flow rate, increasing the carbon column length and the dosage of activated carbon, reduce the water flow, water and activated carbon can prolong the contact time, improve the activated carbon water purification and water quality.
The processor (1) activated carbon water quality of large, the provisions in the machinery industry standard JB/T2932-1999 "water treatment equipment technical conditions", in order to remove the free chlorine for the purpose of water flow in the activated carbon filter in l20m/h, the effluent <0.1mg/L to remove residual chlorine; organic matter for the purpose of water velocity on activated carbon the filter should be l10m/h, water pretreatment in large reverse osmosis device CODMn<2mgO2/L., residual chlorine and organic matter should be removed, then the flow rate of 10m/h, such as activated carbon filter layer 1m calculation, then the contact time of water and activated carbon is 0.1h, which is 6 minutes.
How to improve the purification effect of activated carbon water purifier three
In the urban construction industry standard CJ3023-1993 "activated carbon water purifier", did not give specific data such as contact time or water flow rate, but its 5.2.1, activated carbon