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  • Emergency services

    Our goal is to serve our customers

    Emergency services

    Call Hanyan Activated Carbon immediately, and our emergency service team will provide you with rescue services.
    Free emergency service hotline: 400-000-1319
    24 hours response to emergency.
    In emergency conditions, rapid response and professional know-how are the key to solve the problem.
    The emergency service experts of Hanyan Activated Carbon, special trailers and commissioners can set out within 24 hours.

  • Our goal is to serve our customers

    Quality commitment

    The products manufactured by the company take the quality responsibility stipulated in the Quality Law of the People's Republic of China.
    The products provided by the company have assured quality and compl with national standards.

    Service system

    The company has perfectly established the pre-sales/ after-sales service network for major provinces and major cities in South China, North China, Central China, Southeast, Northeast and other regions, and continuously extending to neighboring cities.
    In addition, the sales and service network of company spread all over the world.

    Service system